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- is finally open!
- you had a new challange!
- try a adventure

to save SroWay from thives.

Server Stats

Server info :

Players online: 16/500
Experience rate:
Party Experience rate:
Gold drop coeficent:
Item drop coeficent:

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 126
Characters: 121
Guilds: 10

Server Info

  • Cap: 130
  • Server Type : PVP
  • Degree: 15
  • Start Level: 130
  • Race: CH/EU
  • Max Plus: 27
  • Union Limit: 8
  • Guild Limit: 50
  • Alchemy: 1.5x
  • Silk per hour: 1

Fortress War

Server Time

Fortress Reg: Every Day

Server Time:
Global Time:

Weekly Uniques:
Weekly Update:

Latest 10 Unique Kills

Prevalence has killed Medusa

OSTaZ_8LaSa has killed Kidemonas

Prevalence has killed Kidemonas

Prevalence has killed Cerberus

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